What you would think if you found an online business academy that:

    is known as the one with the best free starter affiliate marketing program.

    • Does NOT ask you for your credit card
    • Offers you a FREE membership with no
      strings attached — again, these freebies are available with no required
      credit card information from you
    • Gives you two FREE WordPress websites completely functional and ready to start your online business
    • Has an incredibly HELPING COMMUNITY that genuinely cares about your success and is always available to help you
    • Its founders and owners ARE members of that warming community and
      are always available to give you a hand — sometimes, you don’t even have
      to go and ask for it yourself, they contact you before you know it
    • Gives you a full months access to Premium membership for just $19




    What would you think if?

    All of the above Freebies were true, well they are all available at Wealthy Affiliate. But I know you need more convincing so here are more gems you can get.

    Let’s have a look at what is inside Wealthy Affiliate. When I signed up for FREE Starter Membership I was quite overwhelmed with just how much stuff was available, best of all was there was no upsells, nobody telling me that I needed to buy this and that if I wanted to be a success.

    The Live Chat facility was where I headed first as I didn’t have a clue where to start and inside I found plenty of experienced marketers willing to help and guide me what to do first. Step 1 was to set up my account which was easy to do and now it was time to access the training

    The Training

    The first 10 lessons are all included in the FREE Starter membership and are all accompanied by a step by step walk through video. The course is called Getting Started and the great thing about these lessons they will show you if Affiliate Marketing is for you and as I said before they are totally FREE. By the time you have finished the first 10 lessons you will have already set up your very own website and that I can tell you will give you such a buzz of excitement you will surely want to take the next step

    The Next Step is to go Premium

    So I took my time before becoming a premium member and from what I had learnt so far it was a no brainer for me I knew I wanted my own working online business. I accepted the offer of $19 instead of the normal price of $49 for a month premium membership. I can honestly say I got much more than I expected for my money, here is just some of te3 benefits of going Premium

    Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate?

    I don’t have many things that I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate, I suppose for some people a con could be that they actually would have to work hard at becoming a success and its not a get rich scheme but as far as I am concerned I’m happy to work hard.I would rather concentrate on the Pros

    • NO credit card needed to join for free
    • NO software/app download and installation required — everything isonline just like Facebook or Gmail and you can access it from everyavailable device: desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphone
    • Learn at your own pace approach
    • NO pressure to act now or you will lose everything for ever
    • The task-based lesson courses are awesome and they make you really want to get through them quickly to get closer to success
    • Its courses about everything related to starting a website or blogand a making money from it: from the very basics to the more advancedtechniques


    I rate Wealthy Affiliate very highly

    Score 4.8 out of 5

    there are 4 tiers of membership you can choose from

    Starter Membership FREE FOREVER

    Monthly Membership First month $19 and other months $49

    Six months membership $39 per month

    Yearlyt Membership $29.22 month a massive 39% off

    So what do you think ? Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be if you want to be successful at running and owning an online business. You will be guided every step of the way and if you have the determination and the will and belief then together we will succeed.Take the first step and click on the link below and I will meet you on the inside.


    Leave a comment or question and I will be happy to answer them for you Cheers Gerard

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