What can I achieve at Wealthy Affiliate?

    That depends on YOU. The fact is that anyone who thinks its easy to make money online is living in cloud-cuckoo-land. It takes a great deal of effort and determination. If you truly want to succeed, then you can succeed. I myself could not do it alone and after much research online I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate. I remember when I first entered the Wealthy Affiliate community I was overwhelmed with the amount of tools and training available and it took me a few days just to set up my FREE account but I decided to get on with it and from that point my journey towards a successful future began

    The Next Step

    After setting up my account I popped into the chat room where I was welcomed and soon found out there was many there who had just as little experience as myself and also many who had been with WA for years and had made a great success of their online business. The community are an invaluable asset and I used them as a guide whenever I got stuck in my training and there is someone online 24/7 365 days a year.

    The first topic in the training is called GETTING ROLLING and it like most of the training topics is accompanied by a video which one can pause and rewind. A little tip here is to have 2 WA platforms opened at the same time so you can use one to watch the video and the other to carry out the tasks within the video.


    Onwards and Upwards

    After one has completed the first 10 lessons you will have a good idea if Wealthy Affiliate is for you or not because you will have already built a website, your very own FREE website and I myself looked at my website and realized that I wanted to continue with my journey I of course had the option of continuing as a free member but I knew that to be a success I had to commit fully and therefore I made the decision to go Premium as it gave me access to every tool that I needed to make my business a success.

    Training and more Training

    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of following the training to the letter and to do every bit of it as it is like a jigsaw puzzle and through time all the pieces will come together and fit into place and I can tell you that the finished product will give you a massive sense of achievement and you will start to see returns on the investment you have made. Within the first month of me being at WA I only paid $19 for the first month of Premium and just $13.99 for my very own dot com website and included in that along with all the training was my website was secured and hosted by WA and access to Jaaxy the most powerful keyword research tool around

    The Pros Of Wealthy Affiliate


    • Entry into Wealthy Affiliate training is FREE
    • Even their premium membership is very affordable compared to what you get out of it
    • There are no upsells
    • You don’t need to be highly technical to join
    • Comprehensive step by step Internet Marketing Education
    • Think of it more like an Internet Marketing University
    • Wealthy Affiliate is beginner friendly
    • They have an affiliate program – you make money by promoting WA
    • You can earn- as- you- learn



    The only Con I can see is that some people might find it a tad overwhelming as there is so much going on all the time but that is where one falls back on the community for support and you will start to feel comfortable knowing that there is always someone there to help you.



    So remember its Free to sign up and if you want you can stay a FREE member forever but if you go premium within 7 days you will get your first month for just $19 instead of the normal $49 just click this link     https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/?a_aid=69666e48

    4 thoughts on “What can I achieve at Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. This is a great insight into Wealthy Affiliate and all the features it offers.
      I too am a member and I can’t recommend it highly enough. There is no other platform which offers the same level of training and support. I’m excited to be building a successful online business and I have Wealthy Affiliate and the supportive community to thank for that.

      1. Many thanks for your comment Helen its nice to have Wealthy Affiliates themselves confirm just what a great place it is to be and hopefully new sign ups will see the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate

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