Wealthy Affiliate–We just dont show HOW-We show How it all fits together

    Make money online where have I heard that before its easy isn’t it? No its not easy and there are thousands of scams out there to prove and loads of us out-of-pocket to these scammers as living proof. You can though make your online dream come true but you have to be prepared to put the work in to get the desired results there are no shortcuts to the top of the mountain. We have all broke our backs in our jobs for years, striving to get to the top and if one reflects on how much effort we have put in over those years then right away I can tell you that if you put in as much effort into working with everyone at Wealthy affiliate then you have a real chance of climbing that mountain and planting your flag at the summit. In this review I am going to explain what I mean by the title I have given it.

    Here is the Plan–Follow it and you can make it

    There are literally thousands of people out there sitting on a gold mine of a business idea. The problem they have is they have no idea of how to develop that plan and get it out there into the big bad business world. I can help you with that, I and the other affiliates at Wealthy Affiliate can help you develop that plan and make it become a reality. Let me set out just how it works here

    Firstly you have completely FREE access to the first 10 Lessons at the end of which you will have already built your website, yes your own website will be active online within your first 10 lessons which are fabulous videos which walk you through each section a step at a time and if you need to hear something again just pause rewind as many times as you like until you are ready to move on to the next step. So here are the first 10 lessons you will receive for FREE at Wealthy affiliate.

    1. Getting Rolling

    2 Understanding how to make money online

    3. Choose a Niche

    4. Building your own Niche Website

    5. Setting up your Website

    6. Getting your site ready for Search Engines

    7. Creating your initial website content

    8. Creating Custom Menus on your website

    9. Understanding Keywords

    10. Congratulations and your next step

    Now where would you get all that for FREE? Not too many places I think. It is at this point you have a decision to make.You can walk away if it is not for you or you can take the next step with Wealthy Affiliate and carry on with your journey and you can become a Premium member and yes you will have to pay for this privilege but again we here at Wealthy Affiliate really want you to succeed so you can decide to stay for another month and normally that costs $49 but signing up here and you will get your first month for only $19 yes a massive saving of $30 on the first month of being a Premium member. Remember at this point you already have built your own website and chosen your niche for your business all for FREE. I myself can testify it was a no-brainer for me I already seen what I had achieved in the short term I was with WA and knew I was going to be successful and you can too. Believe in yourself and work hard and the rewards are waiting for you. I would rather live like a tiger for 1 day than live like a sheep for 100 days!






    Where will the Journey take us next?

    After completing the first part of the training the next step is …well more training and more training because we can only be successful if we continue to learn, remember there are no shortcuts to the top of the mountain lets remind ourselves on reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate

    1 Wealthy Affiliate is for EVERYONE (Lazy people excluded)

    2 All tools and Training provided

    3. No technical experience required

    4. First 10 lessons FREE

    5. 24/7 365 days a year support

    How do I make money ?

    There are many ways to make money through Wealthy Affiliate here are just some examples

    1 Build your own website and drive traffic to it.

    2. Promote and sell your own product

    3. Getting your website content to rank high in Google and other search engines

    4 Apply for Google Adsense

    5. Discover the best Affiliate program to suit your needs.

    There are many many more ways to make money through Wealthy Affiliate so the income streams are varied and commissions on affiliate sites can be generous and lucrative




    I hope I have given you enough reasons to join the family here at Wealthy Affiliate and I say family because we truly all work together as a unit and just like any other family we can be dysfunctional at times but we work it out together and always take the next step forward for there is no problem that cannot be overcome. With thousands of active members someone is always there online or in the chatroom to help. So step up live like a Tiger today join wealthy Affiliate and click on the link below or anywhere in the article and most importantly leave a comment or if you have any questions I will be delighted to answer them. Cheers see you inside CLICK THE LINK NOW


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      1. Thanks for your comment Suzanne its great to know that people will benefit from all the tools and resources at Wealthy Affiliate and have the confidence knowing they are dealing with a respected online business

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