The Soldier with the right type of Short Fuse — Cryptofuse

    When researching Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on the internet one must go
    from link to link, website to website and so on to get to the place and
    the information that you require to form the proper basis for any
    article that one is working on. It was on a journey like this that I
    happened to meet a guy called Andrew Wayne Couch in a Telegram room and
    we got to chatting. I was of course trying to promote my website and he told me that he was new to Crypto. Here I was
    thinking that I could help him get to know all about Crypto and
    Blockchain, he played along with me and we swapped website details and
    after I checked his site out I realized this was no ordinary guy who I
    was talking to and low and behold he happened to be the CEO and founder
    of He then went on to explain the concept behind his
    company and when he told me that his technology could work offline as
    well as online, it didn’t take me long to realize I was speaking to
    someone who not only was extremely intelligent but someone who could
    affect how future transactions of Cryptocurrency will be completed as
    his technology will allow customers to complete these transactions both
    online and offline, something which as of writing I haven’t seen or
    believe there is such a process that allows users to exchange authorized
    digital currency without an internet connection anywhere in the world.



    The Cryptofuse Hardware


    Short Fuse is built to operate without an internet connection — Imagine
    here that two users who are either not able to or not wanting to have
    an internet connection but want to transfer some digital currency, well
    they can if they are both n possession of a short fuse, where they plug
    the short fuse into a laptop for example and on screen they will see an
    option that will allow the transfer of digital currency.The short fuse
    application also verifies the transaction, updates each local device to
    show the new balance and micro mines the currency to an offline of the
    Bytechain over the Byteblock protocol. Later one or both users can plug
    the short fuse into an online terminal that adds the Byteblocks to an
    online version of the Bytechain and updates the devices. The Byteblock
    protocol is not restricted only to cryptocurrency and more information
    about that can be found on the website, suffice to say that this use of
    the technology will have a major effect on how we transfer digital
    currencies in the future.


    Quick Fuse on the other hand allows the Short Fuse to communicate with
    other deices using Bluetooth and NFC.The exchange of Digital Currency
    between Quick Fuse devices involves the same or similar steps as the
    ones discussed above in the Short Fuse method. To allow extreme privacy
    the digital transfer of digital currency between Quick Fuse devices
    pulls power from a Smartphone when it is offline using the Bytedrop
    method. The Quick Fuse also has a WI-FI and Bluetooth chip for network


    Crypto Fuse enables the data from the Short Fuse to be uploaded online.
    A Crypto fuse device can run a CryptoFuse operating system. E.G as a
    feature of the CryptoFuse operating system, the screen will display and
    receive login information, balance information, account management
    information and more. For a more detailed explanation of the many uses
    of the Crypto Fuse check the website as the white paper goes into much
    more detail than I can here.


    the Bytebase exchange is live the first currency that will be available
    for trade is the CRYPTOBYTE (CBT). It will be the first currency in the
    world, that will be able to be traded both online and offline. The
    CryptoFuse engineers have tokenism the platform and created this first
    of a kind coin. Users will be able to buy from the marketplace, transfer
    coins from peer to peer, and into any other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin
    Ethereum, or NEM.


    protocol allows offline transactions of Cryptocurrency, supply line
    data and Smart Contracts as part of an online connected public ledger.
    Why is it different to anything else that has gone before? Well because
    Byteblock can work both online and offline for crypto, supply line and
    Smart Contracts. This distinction means that this protocol gives access
    to Blockchain technology to users and regions of the world that cannot
    rely on a consistent internet connection, opening up the possibility of
    underserved areas and countries that will allow them to connect with the
    entire global economy.

    On the website there is also a section in the white paper that deals with Micro Mining and the uses of the technology in that field too and you can view that on the website too.

    Cryptofuse team headed by Andrew Wayne Couch an ex army combat veteran
    with years of experience in communication and encryption protocols
    inspired him to create technology that has led him to creating the
    Byteblock protocol and now along with his dedicated team they have
    another mission to complete and that is to build and maintain an
    ecosystem that provides worldwide users with the means to make
    transactions online and offline using Blockchain.

    How To Be Part Of Cryptofuse

    presale started in early may and there are many ways of getting
    involved from buying a t shirt to packages that range from around $500
    to $100000 and all the details are available at Here is
    the customer journey you can expect from Cryptofuse

    The Cryptofuse 5 step Customer Journey

    1.Transfer BTC to get a one for one Cryptobyte (CBT) decimal trade

    2.Load your CBT onto a CF device

    3.Trade with other CF devices

    4. Connect back to Bytebase

    5. Reconcile the BB ledger


    from a personal view I am thoroughly excited and impressed by
    Cryptofuse as it is patents being approved of course will change digital
    currency transactions and the way we do them forever. All the elements
    of the hardware involved with this technology are mind blowing and quite
    brilliant. It is a project that I will be following all the way to its
    ultimate success of which I have no doubt. It goes to show you that it
    is not always a bad thing to have a short fuse especially if that short
    fuse is the Cryptofuse.


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    1. Hey Gaius,

      What a very informative and helpful review on Cryptofuse .  I really liked the in-depth analysis.

      Andrew seems very humble!

      I also agree with the idea that eventually it will change the course of digital currency transactions!

      I definitely clicked on the right review here anyway and thank you for not leaving any questions unanswered. Especially considering how complicated cryptocurrency can be!

      Thanks for sharing & keep it up!


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