Getting Rolling Towards a Successful Future

    Now you have decided to join Wealthy Affiliate lets go into more detail on how the training works and in this article we will look at the first 10 lessons in the Wealthy Affiliate and remember at this point all these lessons are FREE. It gives you the opportunity to find out just how easy the training is to follow and how well presented it is. Each lesson has a video to accompany it and takes you step by step through the training process.

    Getting Rolling

    We can all get excited at the prospect of getting our business running, just let me say at the start please take your time and follow the instructions to the letter, if you need to pause and rewind the video and repeat any process you need to as this program will as you will discover fits together like a jigsaw puzzle and each element is equally important. So Getting rolling has several elements to it and as I am a Wealthy Affiliate (Affiliate) meaning I pass my knowledge on to get other people to sign up to the program. So the training I will describe is Affiliate Bootcamp, however it is very close to the standard training you will receive here at Wealthy Affiliate.

    The first thing you will do is add your goals to your profile at WA. This is important as one needs to have an idea of what they want to achieve both financially and for your own personal development. You will also have a tour of the site and even though most of that will be alien at the start it will all become clear later on. So now we are at the beginning and the excitement builds as we move on to the next step


    Choosing your Direction

    Whether you decide to become a Wealthy Affiliate or you have a business idea of your own it is vital that at this point you choose which direction you are heading as having a plan of action is vital to your success. Choose your own niche to carve out a long term business within Wealthy Affiliate, so whatever your idea is remember that every one can be successful at Wealthy Affiliate

    Building Your Website

    You now have your target audience, in other words, the direction for your brand chosen. That is great and don’t worry about this not being “perfect” at this point, as you move forward the pieces of the puzzle are going to come together. You are now ready to build your website, yes don’t freak out because you will be amazed just how easy it is here at Wealthy Affiliate to build your very own website and you will be amazed that you will be able to build your website in just 30seconds. I do not kid you it is that quick and easy here at Wealthy Affiliate as we have the best tools in the business. You can have a free website or choose your own domain and purchase something that will give you your very own piece of internet real estate that you alone will own. One extra piece of information is that here at Wealthy Affiliate you will have your website hosted for FREE something which if you shop around will see is not a cheap experience so it is another great benefit of joining us here.

    The next element of your training will allow you to find out how to manage your website through the back office tool. This for me at the start terrified me as I didn’t have any technical knowledge of any kind but my fears were quickly relieved as the video tutorials took me by the hand and step by step through the process and by the end of this lesson I had a great feeling of accomplishment and belief as by this point in the training I realized I had made the right decision.

    Getting your website ready for SEO and Plug ins

    At this point we are really getting into it now and the next couple of videos show us how to use plug ins we need to get our website up to date and ready for Google etc. Again don’t worry if you are not the tecchy type the videos will ease you through this process in a matter of minutes. Just learning to activate the plug ins gave me a great sense of belief and was very exciting to someone with little technical knowledge .

    We then move on to writing our first bit of CONTENT and the reason I put that in capital letters is that you will here me say lots and lots about content in the future because that word is the key to your success in this business as CONTENT is king but we will discuss that later in another article. At this point though you will be able to write your About you section of your website and also your privacy policy for your website. The next step will show you the importance of KEYWORD research,yes another important topic we will delve into more in the future.

    If all that wasn’t enough you will also discover in this section of the training how to write thoughtful and concise reviews another very important skill.



    So just look at what we have covered so far, look what you will have achieved in your first section of training and there is much much more training available. One must realise that all of this training so far is FREE, the website FREE, the hosting FREE. It will be at this point you can decide if you want to commit further and go Premium which is normally $49 per month but signing up here will reduce that price to just $19 in the first month. Ask yourself are you impressed with the training I have shown you so far and there is much much more available inside here at wealthy affiliate. You don’t need to spend a single cent to experience the benefits of being part of the family here at Wealthy Affiliate and once you are in you will be amazed at what we have to offer. So if you have any questions leave a comment below or if you feel you are ready to join then click the link below. We are all here waiting to help you on your journey. See you inside Gerard

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