About Building a Business Online

    Hi All

    Im Gerard and I will be your guide for as long as you need me throughout this journey. It will be hard work but exciting and fulfilling  at the same time. I will show you how you can build a successful online business from scratch and make your online dreams come true even if you only have basic skills and even if you have no experience ! A bold claim I hear you say, well I will promise from the start that I wont make any false claims and if you are willing to work hard then together we can and will be a success.

    Some of the subjects we will cover on this are as follows : How to build your own website. How to pick a niche for your business idea. The importance of Content is a vital component in a successful business online! Getting your content indexed on Google, Bing and Yahoo. All the technical stuff explained in an easy step by step fashion . There are many more components to a winning formula and here you will see them and have them explained in a language we can all understand, You will have 24 hour support 7 days a week 365 days a year, you will never be alone especially when you hit a rough patch someone will always be there for you.

    Im in my fifties now and when I first started I truly didn’t believe I could do this type of thing but I received the most fantastic training and support and gradually I became more confident and my site started to take shape and then I was indexed on Google and it was then I realised I could do this and I never looked back after that, I cannot stress this enough I had to work really hard and be dedicated to my project. I DID NOT MAKE A FORTUNE! However I started to make regular income and slowly but surely that income grew to a point where I now work full-time online and I am never going back to 9-5 slog . I love what I do and you will to.

    So if you have been stalling or if you have never overcame the fear of working online then I only ask this of you take a look at website, read the content carefully for it will show you what I was shown and you will realise that whatever your business idea is then if you are willing to put the work in then you can make it too.

    Welcome to my site and all your comments are welcome.

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