360 Training A nice Fit or Too Big for its Boots?

    360 Training offer over 6,000 registered and non-registered courses aimed at bettering your career development..It is a one stop shop for on demand classroom career development and has over 4 million learners worldwide.

    Whether you’re looking for some of the most comprehensive training
    programs to further your career, or a complete solution for integrating
    training solutions for your business, 360training offers endless
    possibilities for learners, educators, and business partners.

    Here is the reason why Businesses choose 360 Training-

    choose 360training because of our easy to use free learning management
    system. With a robust suite of SAAS authoring tools to customize the
    learning experience for your business, 360training provides powerful
    solutions to over 4,000 businesses around the globe.

    360 Training has over 20 years successful experience in providing effective,efficient training solutions.

    as a business that will depend on 360 Training here are some of the features you can expect to recieve.

    Regulatory Approved Content

    We keep up with regulatory training requirements so that you don’t
    have to. Our courses are approved or accredited by the ruling bodies in
    every industry, and an official certification is often available upon
    completion of the course.

    A Powerful LMS Platform

    Managing workforce training has never been so effortless. Our
    mobile-friendly, easy-to-use LMS platform helps you streamline your
    training process from easy enrollment to progress and performance

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Every company that partners with us is provided a dedicated,
    experienced account manager to make sure all training goals are met, and
    all compliance requirements are fulfilled

    So you know you have a professional and proven company you can depend on and if you are in business like me then you know just how important a requirement this is and you can be sure of recieving such top quality service at 360 Training.

    The most popular courses at 360 Training are

    The industries they specialize in are as follows

    Over 4,000 Businesses around the world already rely on 360 Training and that is positive feedback in its own right and will give you the reassurance you need to know you are making the right choice in selecting 360 Training for all your educatrional needs.

    The Academic Partner Program

    Another exciting feature of the 360 Training Platform is the Academic Partner Program which is offered to
    community colleges, technical schools, career training centers, and
    universities to allow them to expand their e-learning course offerings.

    What makes 360training unique in the online education industry?

    • Customizable storefront and complete e-commerce system
    • Dedicated Account Manager focused on growing your student enrollments
    • Access to extensive marketing materials and student enrollment assistance
    • Assistance with WIA state, GI Bill, TA, ACICS approvals
    • Immediate access to over 150 career training programs and over 1,000 continuing education and licensing courses
    • Dedicated partner support desk to assist with immediate requests
    • Technical support desk for students
    • Full-time instructors on staff that proactively reach out to students to ensure their success
    • Career services for students to assist them with finding a job in their new career
    • Aggressive partner royalties   Allthese features gives community colleges etc the incentive to become  every incentive to become academic partners with 360 Training.

    Become a Reseller with 360 Training

    As a reseller for 360 Training I can vouch for the many benefits there are in being part of this great brand, here a a few of them

    • You will receive a 25% – 40% commission for each 360training.com course sold from your Storefront
    • Fully hosted and private labeled e-commerce Storefront
    • Industry Specialized Account Manager to help you sell more online
    • Digital Marketing Assistance for your online training business that includes social media
    • You will receive funds from your sales on a monthly basis
    • Only one-time setup fee of $2000 for your store and $1000 for each industry selected

    All in the Shoe does Fit

    360 Training is truly an sucessful and well established company who look after their customers in a professional and caring manner and I am happy to be associted with them.

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